45 Degree Taxiways Mod: 2.0 Re-Release!

Hello everyone!
I finally finished a mod that lets you make nice smooth 45-degree taxiways! You can download them here:
45-Degree Taxiway Mod (Drive Link)
Dropbox is no longer supported
If you’re wondering what Im talking about, here you go:

I’ve spent over 12 hours on these in Inkspace, so they are pretty special to me. They consist of 6 stickers, 4 of which have markings. Here is the basic version changelog for anyone who wants it:

Version 1.0 (date not provided)

  • Added all stickers :smiley: :upside_down_face:

Version 1.1 (1/1/2022)

  • Consolidated 2 concrete textures
  • Replaced concrete backgrounds on all stickers
  • Added unedited triangular concrete sticker
  • Early access period started for the entire mod (See Below)
  • Made Tutorial

Version 1.2 (1/10/2022)

  • Renamed all Textures
  • Early access period ended (permanently?)
  • Mod made public

Version 2.0 (8/11/2022)

  • New concrete texture
  • Asphalt Stickers
  • New curve pieces
  • All stickers 1024 x 1024

Know Bugs

  • Weird lines around 45-Degree Piece (IDK how to solve)
  • All sticker rendering slightly too large - Use ACEO Sticker Fix
  • Audio bug in tutorial towards end (too lazy to solve)
  • The lights are off during the night (IDK how to solve)

And to get you ready for them, here is the newly finished tutorial video!


The Early Access Period is currently closed. Please don’t send a request!


That looks really nice. I’m still sad, that the devs stopped trying to implement that without stickers. All those stickers will blow up my game files. :confused:

How does it look when the original lights are turned on in the night? Are they covered?


No they are not covered… They look very weird, but there’s nothing I can do

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After quite a while, they are uploaded! Just not on steam… You’re going to have to use a google drive link or dropbox link for now… But enjoy!
Google Drive


I love it! But can you make one for Asphalt?


That has been a very popular request lately. Depending on my workflow, they should be out this week, or with other mods in 2 ish weeks.

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Can’t wait! While youre at it, you missed 1 kind of sticker. The red one in the image. And another request would be taxiway center lines so we can cover wrong ones. The blue ones on the image.


Here’s another example of the blue ones.


I would also like to ask where did you get the grass and asphalt stickers on your video.



Looks like I got my work cut out for me :grin: The grass and asphalt are old textures that look terrible. They were just harvested through screenshots and were part of the previously defunct textures for airport ceo. However, the asphalt has already been redone for the asphalt version, and looks good. Many of your requests or already in progress by me or @Hap0vecXD, so keep your eyes out :wink:
I can get back to you with more info tomorrow. Time for sleep! :sleeping:


I just tried @Hap0vecXD’s stickers. The issue is that the sides are transparent so you actually dont cover what needs to be covered :sweat_smile: And there are black lines on the edges that the sticker doesnt have. It’s also not seamless unlike yours.

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wdym? :thinking: that stickers are made by @humoresque, my piece of work is still not done nor published :thinking:

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The blue encircled diagonal taxi line ones are from yours here Airport Signs and Markings

these are not meant to be used as taxi lines :grin:

these are for blast pads, for example: Custom user placeable logotypes? (Yes, Players Can Implement Things Too!) - #168 by Hap0vecXD

Ohhh hahahaha it looks like it is tho :sweat_smile:


2.0 Re-Releasse!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Hey everyone! Remember this topic? Well, the existing stickers were looking quite bad in-game, and lacked support for asphalt and certain curves, and the concrete texture wasn’t quite spot on. The new 2.0 re-release solves all of these problems! It features

  • A much cleaner and better concrete texture
  • Asphalt Varients
  • The two additional curve pieces
  • Everything in 1024 x 1024 (may or may not be an upside…)

The new version can be downloaded here (only drive).

Though no code-based mods are required, it is recommended to use ACEO Sticker fix. If you are using the mod, download from here (one sticker is different). Info topic on the mod is here.