Catering service

my airport is running but,
how can i make the catering for airplanes
what must i do for hit food in the airport
how can i make a mechanic service for the airplane?

Hi @LuigiVagamondi the catering for airplanes isnt enable yet in the game…(probably later on in the game design)

For food inside the airport you will need to build a food room like how you build shops

Sry - i know the foodzone/room, but there is only cold stuff .
i think its also in a coming version … o.k.

schade :wink:

I believe I understand what you’re saying.
You mean that the food is only sold in these fridges right?

I think that there should me a bigger amount furniture to choose from. Like coffee bar needs a fridge and a barista machine. And a hot food place should have some kind of stove(that must be the other/faded icon) and/or buffet bars, which people follow to a cassiere.
The items needed could be mentioned in the contracts.

For now, it’s too early, game is still in Alpha, but I think this could be a nice expansion later on or be in the full game once released.

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thx @Patje89 and @ThePope,

yes i hope it comes … :sunny: