Catering Businesses Around The World

Hello guys,

So I assume from this trello card that there will be moddable catering businesses in future. I want to open this topic and create a list of In Real Life catering companies around the world with your replies;

So far, according to Wikipedia, there are the catering businesses;

  • Dnata
  • Do & Co
  • Emirates Flight Catering
  • Gate Gourmet
  • Gategroup
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • Royal Brunei Catering
  • SATS
  • Servair
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  • Abby’s Catering (USA)
  • AAS Catering Co. Limited (Japan)
  • ANA Catering Service Co. Limited (Japan)
  • Brahim’s Airline Catering Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • Cathay Pacific Catering Services (H.K) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • Christopher’s Inflight Catering (USA)
  • DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG (Austria)
  • dnata (UAE)
  • Alpha Flight Group Limited (UK)
  • Emirates Flight Catering Co. LLC (UAE)
  • Flying Food Group LLC (USA)
  • Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH (Switzerland)
  • Servair SA (France)
  • Goddard Catering Group (USA)
  • Journey Group Plc (UK)
  • Air Fayre CA Inc. (USA)
  • Kansai In-flight Catering Co. Limited (Japan)
  • KLM Catering Services (The Netherlands)
  • LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG (Germany)
  • Newrest Group International S.A.S (France)
  • Oman International Services (Oman)
  • On Air Dining Ltd. (UK)
  • Saudi Airlines Catering Company (Saudi Arabia)
  • SATS Limited (Singapore)
  • TajSATS Air Catering Limited (India)

AeroMar (Russia)


Erasmus Catering (The Netherlands)

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THAI Catering (Thailand)
Eurngluang (Thailand)
Bangkok Air Catering (Thailand)

Is it possible to create my own catering companies?

Yes, it’s the same process as other mods. Just use the correct ID codes.

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Oh i see, but I havent businessType 6. any ACEOMM uppdate?

ACEOMM does not yet support Catering Companies. I hand make everything, but perhaps @EG0611 could take the stage?

You can take a look at here: