Car Stops Issue

It appears my car stops aren’t sending cars to pick up arriving passengers. If a car drops someone off, they’ll take a few. But for the most part, these folks are left to stand there for hours. Taxis are sending cars far more regularly. I think someone on the dev team needs to have a chat with their in-game Uber company.


Same here. They appear to be flagged as full without many cars arriving to serve the stops, or less than the bus and taxi stops. Maybe the ratio just needs a tweak behind the scenes :slight_smile:

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Bug report this save and I’ll have a look at the balancing! :slight_smile:

I have noticed an odd “bug” when, upon a game reload, if there is a certain amount of non-aircraft-service vehicles in the world (parked or already driving), they then try to leave the world - en masse. Only once a certain amount have left the world, then will more vehicles enter the world. This is usually the culprit of my car/taxi/bus stops overflowing with passengers.

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Can you bug report this behavior with the specific save in which this happens?

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