Capactiy for Security Check, Check-In, Boarding and Baggage Hub

Hello Future Airport CEO,

I checked the Forum and could not find any answer to this.

In the other Airport “Sim” I’m facing the Problem that the Capactiy of the above mentioned Task’s is quite limited and you need a really big amount of Security Check and other stuff to get a A380 or soemthing to leave on time.

So my question, can we see the approx. capactiy per hour for the above mentioned items in the bulding process or is something planned?

Just 4 more days… fortunately I will have a Long Weekend (4 days) to work as Airport CEO. 3rd of October is Holiday in Germany! :slight_smile:


I think it would be like in ACEO (i am not sure).

Not worth worrying yet, because the biggest thing they’ve talked about is a 737 :wink: However, I believe (not sure) if you click on the station, it will display the people/hour.


Thanks for the reply.

I was just wondering if something is implemented as the other Airport “Sim” is quite frustrating when you have to build 10 Check Points and Boarding Desk just to get a A380 on time. Which in my Opinion is quite unrealistic. During my flight from Miami to Frankfurt with the A380 they had just 2 Check In, 4 Sercurity and 2 Boarding Desk and well we left on time… :wink:

But I think the Dev’s here will not do such a mistake and listen to us.
I found ACEO by fortune and following now since Dev-Log 75 and I have to say Great Stuff. Can’t wait to get rid of the other Game and get my Hands on ACEO!

Good Job @Olof and @Fredrik

Just 2 times sleeping left… :smiley:


You can adjust the grounding time in that Airport Sim to allow more boarding time.
BTW, Airport CEO doesn’t have A380 right now.

Anyway, it’s time to forget that sim and move on :slight_smile:


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