Cant Remove Areas or Queue

Im playing on a MacBook and I tried pushing Control and Command but it won’t remove areas or Queue’s, am I using the wrong buttons?

Hi Kevin

Welcome. I’m playing on Mac too. The Ctrl key does work to remove queues and areas etc.

When you press the CTRL key does the tile change colour to amber?

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Sadly no it doesn’t do any thing.

Try using the Fn key in connection then?

It took me a few games attempts too before I got the hang of the Ctrl key. But it does work.

Also does noting, I would like to say that my button is broken on my keyboard but when I keep pushing it my mac asks me if I want to enable diction.

That’s normal behaviour. Dictation can be quite a useful thing. That’s part of the OS.

Erm, that seems a little strange you cannot delete them. You have got the zone tool and the area of type selected when you hold down the CTRL key as well?

Yes, sir

HMMMM, okay.

I’ve just been redoing my screening area. Removing belts, now longer show as amber now like they used to do. I think this might be a bug in the 22.3 @Olof

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