Can't plan in cheap flights

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Bought Airport CEO today and was building this airport (obviously), but when I wanted to plan some cheap flights I couldn’t. It says “no stand is said to commercial flights. did you enable commercial flights in the stand menu?”. I do not understand this message since the airplane stands are set to accept both GA and Commercial.
Anybody out there that has had this same problem and/or knows how to be able to get those flights scheduled?

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Have you enabled Commercial in the particular stand? and also have you connected the stand to a boarding desk?

I have in fact set commercial on the PARTICULAR STAND. Also have I connected the stand to a BOARDING DESK.

I even restarted the game to see if it would fix it. But didn’t.

There is one problem apart from that which might be causing the issue here?
I have multiple of the following icons. But I do not know what this is and if this has anything to do with it.

You need 4 security per checkpoint, so you need to hire more or close down other stands. See if that helps your stand issue.

They are indeed working properly now, the security checkpoints. But it still doesn’t solve the stand issue unfortunately.

also make sure you have enough airport staff aka generic ones to man check in and boarding desks

I have twelve of those people hired, and 5 of them are working (behind the information desks).
but none is working at the check in or something like that.

To me it looks like they can in fact just go there right?

one thing i have noticed whilst in my games. make sure that your ques dont touch like that the AI gets stuck way to easy…

have a gap down the middle between each desk so they can escape. that way there is also a guranteed way for staff to get to the desks as well.

but as it currently stands it looks like your staff should be able to get there.

@WingNut Okay thanks for that tip. Any further ideas on the not being able to plan flights problem?

I have planned 3 rows together, no problems.

Back to topic, can you upload a screenshot of your designated stand with menu opened, airport overall view, runway with menu opened, flightplanner and operations tab?

@Patje89 Sure can do!

set 2 to only commercial and give that a whirl… i had this only once on my first quick play though.

then dismiss the GA and see if that helps?

Your secure zone is disrupted, that black line, thats why the boarding desks are not connected to the security checkpoint. Make that line secure, that should do it. Then your stand should also automatically link to the checkpoints.

PS. Apeldoorn is pretty close, I`m living in Rijssen.
Sorry, replied to the wrong person. Should be @rutgerishd

i see what you mean and now totally agree at first i just thought it was carpet or something.

should totally try that

Try the next day on the flight scheduler. In your screen shot, the day is almost over, and you can only schedule flights three before the time.