Cant install the game on my laptop

I cant install the game on my laptop. I go into steam and on the ACEO page in my library theres no option to install. So I right click ACEO in the list on the left and select install. Then it just says “an error occurred while updating ACEO (invalid platform)”

Forget it. Solved it myself, its because my laptop is only 32bit. DAMN! Didnt realise doh!

Ah, sorry, as of right now we don’t support 32bit. Might change in the near future, though. You should return the game to get your money back! :slight_smile:

No no. It works perfectly well on my desktop but thats running Win7x64Ultimate.
I wanted to install it onto my laptop because when my daughter comes to stay she takes over my computer! :slight_smile:
Great game by the way dude :slight_smile:

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