Can't have a question mark in a save name

I noticed today that if you try to include a question mark in your save name, the game will not let you save. You can hit the button, but it will not leave the save screen or add a save to it. I’m not sure if something is happening that the user can’t see but to me it just seems like the game is ignoring your attempt to save. There’s no error message either.

I’m not sure if this is just a bug or a technical limitation of the game, but if it is a technical limitation, it would be nice to have an error message so you know that the game won’t save unless you change the name.


Thank you for reporting this, will look into it. The issue is that your OS most likely will not allow a question mark in your file name under any circumstances, at least not Windows but as you said there should be a warning for it. I think its a pretty easy fix, right @Fredrik? :wink:

Question mark is what is referred to as a reserved character so it cannot be part of a folder or file name. Will add a ticket to check for that before a save attempt can be done. :slight_smile:

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I am on Windows so that would make sense.

Thanks for adding this in. I would hate for someone to lose their save because they thought it went through.

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