Can't find security checkpoint

So I get this notification that a person can’t reach a working security checkpoint non stop. The persons who usually get this error are staff who are in the staff room doing nothing, and the thing is that I hace a checkpoint set up for staff only, be that a simple one that just uses 1 guard. Is that the issue or is it something else?

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This is a known error. Should be fixed with 22.3 if i recall correctly

Ok, good to hear, getting tired of clearing notifications so i can see real urgent ones

You might have had the staff room dezoned beacause if the staff room is in an secure area it should be zoned to secure so it wont be stuck in staff room so when the staff room is surrounded by a secure area = secure zone too.

Mine also like that!

But, the person who usually get this error are passenger that not board the aircraft, or the aircraft delay that i reject.
They stand on the airport stand

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