can't find a suitable runway

I made the expansion of my airport, I put a new runway, but the plane went to the halfway point and only this error keeps showing up.
I put another track, created new taxiways, did everything and it got stuck.
I don’t know what to do anymore.

Click on the runway. Check that it can accept small aircraft

Because I can see aircraft pointing in both directions, maybe the runway is set in a specific direction. This would make your landing aircraft if you have it set to both departures and arrivals arrive at the end of the runway and made your ramp one way. That may be a problem. If it’s not the case try saving the game and reloading it in the case of a bug.

I can do it, other aircrafts follow this path, but this plane is frozen there and nothing happens.
I already redid the tracks, I tried to respawn, nothing just happens. I am getting crazy.

Can you share us a bigger picture of your taxiways and runways?

It might be possible that the small aircraft is looking fo a way to the grass runway.

Also as mentioned, when you click on those runways, are those allowed for small commercial planes?

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I did and redid dozens of things, right now I created an exclusive runway for him to leave, as you can see in the image, the other aircraft of the same size come out and this one, he is frozen there.

This is an image of my current airport.

Problem solved guys, just like me other players were having the same problem, thanks to the developers, in the game update today, finally the plane can take off and follow its destination.

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