Can't Demolish Stands / Has Stuck Aircraft .. to Activate Cargo Bay Cfg

Hello and HAPPY New Year to ALL

Can’t Demolish Stands / Has Stuck Aircraft …
Won’t … Allow me to Activate Cargo Bay Config

I have tried ALL things in the F 10 Screen … also.

Any Help from Dev or others , would be Greatly Appreciated :grinning:.

THANX in Advance


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Hey! Aircrafts can be automatically dismissed by pressing “Dismiss aircraft” in the stands panel (scroll down on it). As for the cargo bays, what error message do you get when trying to delete them?

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Hi Olof …

1> I have tried to “Dismiss aircraft” … @ All of the Stands that have Aircraft Stuck there

Stuck Aircraft ~ Dismis 03

2> The Cargo Bays will Demolish Fine … They Just will NOT … Activate

3> Error messages are shown below @ Stands

Stuck Aircraft ~ Close Stand 04

Stuck Aircraft ~ Demolish Stand 05

Please Fix … New User can only Upload … 1 picture per post …thx


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Fixed Broken Service Road … connection…

Now have 5 Aircraft ~ STUCK @ Push-back … Until they do there Job :roll_eyes:

Won’t be able to address issue’s with above…


maybe you have an air contract that is a daily aircraft during a few days…

Canceled ALL …contracts Yesterday while I was having issues. NONE Showing in FL Planner

THX for idea… though not the issue … ie:/ Externally … maybe STUCK in code within Program

Jan 3 2017

Olof …

I STILL Can Not Dismiss Aircraft OR Clear Stands …to RE-Locate or Move THEM

What happens when you press the dismiss aircraft button? Nothing? Do the aircraft spawn exclamation icons?

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Olof … Nothing & No exclamation icons…

OR Activate Cargo Bays … SOME AS ABOVE ISSUE (s)…

Then it sounds like you’ve encountered a bug. I suggest that you send in the save together with a bug report so that we can have a look at it, if your airport is set up correctly with runways and holding points the aircraft should depart when you press thst button.

Sent file Dev Team to look at

I’m having this same problem with the current release. Sent in bug report. Devs, anything?

If you can at least add an issue number… :slight_smile: And even then, you can track their work yourself :wink: