Can't cancel airline contracts

How to cancel airline contracts? I’ve tried cancelling all the scheduled flights, and when I cancel the contract, I still end up paying the penalty but the contract doesn’t cancel. Is cancelling contracts a feature that hasn’t been added yet or is this a bug?

you can cancel a contract by going onto the “economy” tab than “accepted contracts” then click on the airline you want to cancel then press “cancel contract”. If there is current flights from that airline it might ask “do you want to cancel all schedule flights?” just press “yes” and it should be done

I don’t get the ‘do you want to cancel all scheduled flights’ message. It says ‘cant cancel contract as there are scheduled flights’. If i then cancel all scheduled flights, it then lets me press the ‘cancel contract button’ which throws up the ‘are you sure you want to cancel this active contract’ dialog, but when I click ‘yes’ the contract window disappears, but the ‘are you sure’ dialog stays. It also charges me the cancellation fee, so If i keep on clicking the yes button. it will just keep on charging me. The contract stays where it is under the economy tab.

I’m on the experimental branch btw, so i get there may be bugs, just wondering if this is one of them.

This is a little tricky. You cannot cancel contracts because there are flights and you need to cancel all flights of 7 days on flight planner. Then it allows you to cancel contract.

@Fredrik do you think a “cancel all future flights starting after of 3 hours from current time if airline contract is cancelled” could be added?

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“cant cancel contract as there are scheduled flight”

Somewhere before a new option was already proposed; “close contract after all current flights”, but that was not implemented.

I had encountered the same issue. No active or scheduled flights in the planner anymore, but cancellation of the airline contract wasn’t possible.
I figured out, each time I cancelled the contract, the airline satisfaction dropped and once it reached zero, the contract finally was cancelled.

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