Cant assign a baggage bay to stand

anyone know why i cant assign a baggage bay to this stand? there are no flights scheduled and i dont really want to demolish and rebuild to get it to work?

so i just demolished one of the stands and rebuilt and it lets me put a baggage connection but i need a cheaper way of doing this :smiley:

You can’t connect in that instance because the game states that stand has scheduled flights. Had you scheduled anything for that stand before trying to connect it to a baggage bay?

it has had flights before but i don’t have any scheduled flights from any of the stands and they all say the same thing! i don’t even have any uncompleted airline contracts!

I Had the same exact problem yesterday!

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I’ve just submitted the save as a bug report so hopefully the devs will be able to patch it :slight_smile:

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I am still having this problem after the new .22.0 patch. By the way, how do you destroy a stand? The usual trick of using Ctrl did not work. Neither did bulldozing.

You have to close it and then demolish stand from the stand itself.


The solution for this is to assign your baggage claim before opening the stand.

However, if you are reassigning a baggage claim, you will find a new stand is required as even closing a vacant stand will not allow it to be reassigned if flights are scheduled for it.

I have the same issue too and I also reported it as a bug.

We’re going to revamp this entire block. Doesn’t make any sense to have it really and is just annoying for players so I’m going to remove not being able to reassign stuff when its in use and then just handle the issues that occur with this in the code.

Next experimental push will void all of these issues.


How can I add a stand to a specific baggage claim?

How can I add a stand to a specific baggage claim?

Click on stand and then press baggage button

Then I can only connect it to a baggage bay, not to a baggage claim area.

Then I can only connect it to a baggage bay, not to a baggage claim area.

You have to connect baggage bay to baggage claim area. Click claim area and you see the button

by connecting the baggage claim zone/carousel to a baggage bay, and connecting a stand to the same baggage bay, connects the stand to that baggage claim zone/ carousel.

The ‘problem’ is that I have multiple baggage claim carousels. And I would like to connect a specific stand to a specific carousel.

as long as the stand you want and the carousel are connect to the same baggage bay, then the carousel and stand will be connected…

add a baggage bay for each carousel then. that is the only way you could do this then. You cannot connect 2 stands to baggage bay and then 2 carousels to the same baggage bay and expect a specific stand to go to a specific carousel.

You have to add a baggage bay for this to work.

Basically one carousel per baggage bay to force which one the stand or stands goes too.

yes thats how it works. (also if you are connecting it you have to make sure no planes are on the stand because the game does not like that)