Cannot extend or upgrade runway

Hi all,
I have been making good progress with the game, currently with loads of cash by just running small flights (GA/commercials). But I ran into an annoying problem, I cannot extend or upgrade my runway. I am trying to get medium flights to my airport, I need to extend the runway to be 800m long in order to accept medium flights.

I have extended the map - bought land around the runway to extend the map. Whenever I click to upgrade my runway to asphalt or any other option, nothing happens. No cash was deducted and nothing changed on the runway. I have lots of room for the runway to extend to the North and a little space to the South. No building or trees are blocking it. Please help!!!

Have you tried a save and reload?

Have you tried extending both south as north? I know the default view rotation has south on top and north in the bottom wich can cause confusion with some people.

The maps have inverted north and south in the default view so try doing the opposite of what you actually need to do to upgrade. As well as that, have you tried to save and reload the game (this helps with a lot of bugs)? If nothing works, you should report the bug to the devs using the in game bug report page by clicking the escape key, and then report bug button.

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