Cannot connect stand to runway

I’m running out of ideas to try. Everything seems normal to me, and the other runway for GA build in the same configuration works fine What am I doing wrong?
If i try to use airplane pathfinder it doesn’t work for any section no matter how short.
Uploadinimage g: image.png…

What game version is this?

Make sure the runway is commercial enabled!

Beta 6.1.0. I’ve just updated to 7.0 and now it worked for a while and than failed again

This time it doensn’t even recognize the runway as such. Works fine for the other stands.

Aircraft path seems broken for every stand (even for the working ones). The red line is in the same spot no matter where I put the path analyzer beginning point

I see you have two runways. Are both allowing commercial flights and GA or is this separated? I would say the planes want to reach the upper runway and do not find that path.

Both allow commercial airplanes. There is a path working path to up the top runway. I reloaded the game and now it seems to work for the two stands. The path analysis tool still doensn’t work, but flights do.

Can you send in a bug report and post the number here? Then the devs can take a look into your savegame.

Done! ACEO-40833

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