Cancelling airline contract costs

Is there a way to cancel an airline contract without massive cost? I understand big expense if there were flights booked in, but I have no active flights booked in with airline and if I cancel it costs over $1m… or can a master contact be terminated mutually?

this has been asked multiple times and still no answer to how to avoid the outrageous fees. :frowning: I canceled 6 contracts yesterday and it cost me over 20 million

easy. F10, switch to sandbox, cancel your contracts, F10, go back to the normal game mode.


Why you want to cancel a contract. Can’t you just don’t plan any flights of them to/from your airport? :open_mouth:

if you don’t want them in the flight planner anymore clogging up space… I have a small stand airline I created to use for starting my airports and getting the money flowing in and then they become obsolete once I start bring in the actual real medium and small (if I have any) airlines. Besides, you should be able to cancel contracts if you want. I also sometimes have airlines that use to go to the “real” airport at my airport and then I cancel them, just like they leave the real airport, and I bring in new airlines. It just shouldn’t cost 2-3x the amount you start with to build your airport to cancel a ONE contract!

I had to cancel some contract when I changed my mods. When you remove a mod, all planes that used that mod will be completely white and the airlines brand will disappear for a “?”.

Ah, I understand. Good to know.

Thanks folks. Yeah I just like to keep things neat… so occasionally might want an overhaul of which airlines my airport operates with.

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