Can you merge/extend/combine areas/rooms? How?

Hi all,

I decided I wanted to extend my baggage reclaim area. Yet I can’t seem to find a way to “re-zone” it, it immediately creates new ones.

Can you actually merge/extend/combine rooms? How?
(I want to zone it around a corner, so deleting and re-creating it won’t help, I don’t think…)


You have to delete the old baggage claim and draw a new one right now. Remember to check which bays it serves so you relink when done.

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Rooms are created in squares/rectangles can’t do one with funny angles unless you make multiple rooms.

To delete an existing room click on baggage claim area and hold Ctrl on your keyboard this should make the tile yellow and then select the area to delete and then it will ask you to confirm you want to delete that area.

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Can you connect several loading / unloading dock to the same baggage claim area? I did not know that.

Ow, and sneaky thingy; when you want odd shaped rooms, first draw the room, then place the walls ;)…

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