Can we hack to have $5M instead of $2M

Is it possible to have total fund of $5M or more in easy mode instead of just $2M…?


You can save the game, open “GameData.json” and change your total funds there! :slight_smile:


Wow… :blush:

Can you give full directory path for “GameData.json” …

Then enter a save folder and voila


Or just open console (F9) and type motherlode.


Lol, just play a better game, haha.

Ahahhaha you guys are awsome devs … I think there will be a day when we want to implement a new feature you guys might say “Ah just open up the file path add a few line of code here and there your good to go”


That is possible already today with businesses (except airlines). Look into the Mod thread :slight_smile:

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Hi, I found the best way (at the moment is) to build shops and cafe’s as soon as the game will let you and even if you don’t get any passengers in the shops cafe you get money from the shops/café anyway through the contracts signed.
Result is you get a steady income the more shops cafes you have.
works for now on £4 million pounds.

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Just build a functioning airport and wait a year. You should earn enough money that you can expand, destroy, rebuild, add to your hearts content… :wink:


You can also expand the map to have a bigger map as well in case you weren’t aware.

I’ve maximized the map and increased the $ to $20 million. Sadly to say it took $20 million to build a decent size airport.

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you can expand the map? How?

File editing… there are tutorials online

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editing your saved file after you start your map. you can also edit the amount of construction workers you have as well. but I’ve learned any more than 200 workers on the map tends to lag out the map.

Game file only opens in Dreamweaver, or at least that’s the easiest program to to read the file anyways. cause I have multiple programs to read files and Dreamweaver seems to be the #1 that works.

I’m on Discord.i can open up the map if you like.

Can I use this to get like 2k workers?

No, the number of workers of a contract depends on the star rating of the contract.

But you can switch to instant build mode if you want in the F10 menu. Then you don’t need workers at all. :slight_smile:

not like that

Please keep all talk about a certain subject on one topic :slight_smile:
This topic should be for how much money we get at the start of the game while the other topic should be about workers.

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