Can we get access to see the bugs linked in the changelog?

Very helpfully I see you have started linking to Jira issues in the changelog, I really like this idea.

However, it would be even greater if we could actually access those links, so that we can follow along what’s going in, and make sure not to open duplicate bugs.

I know from personal experience that Jira can be configured such that users which are not logged in, can still see the project. See for reference.

Thank you :smile:

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Yes, this is the plan! As soon as stuff has settled down and we have configured our workflow we will open up and enable public access for Jira. Good that you brought it up! :slight_smile:


Great to hear :slight_smile:

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Any news on this? Just tried to look at open tickets, but got a login screen for Jira. From experience I know Jira is a pain to configure, especially on admin side.

Edit: Have found out how to access the tickets.