Can the Developers increase waste truck pickup capacities & availability to build waste & other facilities underground like real airports?


I have a really busy large airport with between 350 and 400 flights daily. I have several waste collection sites but the number of trucks that come are very few and very limited on capacity. Is there any way the developers could Increase the waste pickup truck capacity?

All my waste depots keep filling up too quickly for the pickup trucks to catch up. I’ve already used all remaining available space to build more depots but they keep filling up. Please help.

Also, some real airports all have underground waste collection sites, food catering sites, & emergency services either underground or built in under their terminals. Can the developers adjust the game to allow this to happen? We usually have plenty of space underground for more of these facilities during game play.


Ivan Workman

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This was recently a discussion. But the devs were asking for a report with a savegame where this is the case.

Currently there are never more than 5 trucks on the map which is way too less. We really need more trucks and maybe even more capacity.

Can you drop a bug report for that? Or when it’s too big, drop your save to the Workshop and link it here.

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Yeah, I did some initial tests but were not convinced enough to ship it. Numbers need to be tweaked some more and for that we need more testing grounds, such as an airport which struggles with the current setup.

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How many waste depots do you recommend for how many gates, so I know what I should be pushing for. Currently I have 40 gates and I have maybe 12 waste depots, I had 8 previously but they were struggling so I had to add more. I think it’s strange how a waste depot can only take 5 cabin cleaning truck’s amount of waste so it feels quite low. Additionally, it seems to take a relatively long amount of time for the outside waste picker upers to unload 500 waste which makes it difficult for them to keep coming.

I can run a 90 gate airport with 2 to 3 waste depots. The issue is the pick up of full depots. No matter how many depots you have and how close they are to the world entrance, the pick up trucks are limited to 5 pcs in total and slow.

So in reality, what do you run a 90 gate airport with? Like the 2-3 would fill up really quick and the trucks wouldn’t be able to keep up. I should* be able to run a 3 terminal game with 3 waste depots

If the path between world entrance and waste pick up is as short as possible and not blocked by other traffic + you have plenty of spare waste trucks all around your airport, you can run easy with just a few depots.

Service streets should also contain as less turns as possible so that vehicles don’t have to slow down all the time. Sometimes an express service lane tunnel can help too.


INterestingly, I’m only seeing 2-4 waste pickup trucks come in at a time… trying the 3 near depots currently. Jinxed it I’m seeing more and more come in now. Sometimes there’s a lot… sometimes it takes a while to get 1 in

But at the end it’s not a waste depot manager. So I am happy too see some changes. Sadly I have no such save at the moment.

So anyone who can provide savegames which have this issue should report them.

Sorry for the slow reply.

So my airport has 66,800 passengers with between 360 to 380 flights daily from 50 airlines with 14 large stands, 93 medium stands for a total of 107 gates, 12 trash waste collection depots (Always full) plus a fleet of 80 cleaning trucks, that quickly form a long line to any trash depot that gets emptied. I am lucky to see 3 outside trash trucks coming, even with collection settings set for collection at 25% full. All 12 waste depots fill up extremely fast. I have 7 catering facilities onsite with a similar size catering truck fleet and fast dwell times and no issues on restocking planes or facilities for quick turnaround. Every plane has at least one baggage truck and a stair truck or gangway.

Everything is strategically located around the airport or especially underground as much as possible. If I can, I would put anything else under the terminals. I also have 2 large parallel runways and 6 medium runways, with most of the flights taking off from one runway, even though the setting is for evenly spaced out to each runway.

Also, one other issue, if the developers could give us the option a button to automate repair of runways and airplane stands, so we don’t have to individually click on each runway or stand every few minutes, especially those of us with large budgets,hundreds of flights, & hundreds of service technicians just sitting around.

I think you have to have one of the executives to enable proactive repairs IIRC. Yea under operations and maitenance, you need some R&D

I don’t have this issue… that’s very odd. Are you sure it’s getting all the way down to 0%?

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Proactive Repairs has been done in R&D and is currently enabled and has been been for several months. Doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. I still have to go to each runway and airplane stand and manually repair each one. Suggestion for the developers: have a sliding percentage it has to get down in order to kick in service technicians to repair.

I never let mine get anywhere near 60% because I try to keep near 100% most of the time.

That’s why, proactive repair is down to 0%. Why spend the extra money when it has no in game affect :slight_smile: but I get where you’re coming from

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