Can’t Assign vehicles

I’ve been trying to assign vehicles like vacate trucks and pushback trucks and it is sometimes saying the connection isn’t possible. I was wondering why this was and I was hoping someone knew.

A screenshot would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean this (sorry, in German)? You get it, if you try to connect stands with baggage bay or desks with stands or vehicles with a depot or stand?

That is the state from the end of the line at your mouse cursor while you define the target. The line is red and you see “Connection not possible”, if no valid target is under the cursor. The line is getting green and you see in a green box “Connection is possible” if your cursor is above a valid depot e.g.

it seems the only way I can fix this is by restarting the game which gets really annoying.

Some assignments can only be done when you are on the designated level. In your screenshot, you are not on ground level.

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Use PAGE DOWN while dragging if need be.

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