Can someone show me a sky-bridge?

As anyone attempted to build a sky bridge yet? In detail i wanna know if you can build a bridge on floor 1 ofc, that goes over a taxiway and then ends on another building. And then i ofc wanna know if aircrafts can go under this bridge.

If you want i could try it, if no one else has. I have this airport.
And the bridge here will come from the bottom edge and go to that island terminal in the middle.

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Start with your skybridgte over a Foundation and end over a Foundation on the other Side


In order to build a skybridge you will need to build a level zero foundation first of where you want it to go. Once you’ve built foundation on the higher floors, you can then remove the ground floor foundation.


This is great, nice job guys!!

Actually there is a better way. The system will allow for a bridge if the first and last point of “dragged terminal” is above a roof. Like below. :slight_smile:


Wow. Never knew :slight_smile:


Our whistleblower from Ibiza airport just sent us this picture of a 1st/2nd floor skybridge over an aircraft stand :open_mouth:

The new rooftop thingies, sometime show up as shadow on other floors.

I’d like you to allow building overhanging (e.g. 2 tiles witdh) upper floors.

This way you could place airside bus stops between stand and terminal and still connect the jetway to the terminal easily too

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Will aircraft be able to pass under? I just assume but i do wanna know. :slight_smile:

It is possible already! And easy to do as well! Just create 2 floors and build a gate next to it. The jetway goes automatically to the first floor. You can then demolish the 8 tiles (4x2 tiles) needed for the airside bus on the ground floor - an voila, you have two different sets of gates, one with a jetway and one with a bus, at the same place just on two different floors :wink:

If you look a little further up this post to Fredrik’s post, seems you don’t even need to build the ground floor foundation :slight_smile:

that’s great :slight_smile:

I know, I’m doing it already this way. It’s just not user friendly and should be changed. imho

Does not have to be done this way. Look at Fredrik’s post further up the thread :slight_smile:

Don’t forget I’m talking about overhanging floors … not skybridges. Even with Fredriks method you still need a dummy foundation to get an overhanging floor.

Ah, my bad. Not quite sure how that would be able to be worked though?

@Seraphin, Lay down dummy Level 0 foundation tile(s). DO NOT WAIT FOR IT TO BUILD. Go up one level to Level 1. Immediately lay down foundation tiles from the roof to the dummy foundation tiles (per Fredrik’s solution). Go down one level to Level 0 and delete the dummy foundation tiles. This will create the overhangling floor.

I just did this with my airport to overhang the Bus Stops and Subway next to my main terminal. You can also delete any extra foundation tiles on the roof.

Here is my sky bridge from a remote terminal (top) to its satellite (bottom). This is viewed at Level 1. Small aircraft easily pass under it. You can see an escalator (at bottom) to get to the Small Stand gates on Level 0. The top-left escalator is from Level 0 up to Level 1. I built the skybridge over existing Small Stands. Click image to embigginate.

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I know how to build overhanging floors. No need for further descriptions. Still it’s not user friedly and there’s no reason to not allow overhanging floors, as that’s possible in real life too. That’s what I’m talking about.

In general, I agree, that could be more userfriendly…

As you know overhanging floors are limited by physics, so in most games I remeber they are limited (e.g. project highrise).
In actual ACEO version it is even possible to build completely flying floors with no foundation on ground floor. that seems pretty unrealistic to me, too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I think for the future there are some limitations about overhanging floors/skybridges needed, to be more realistic.
IMHO introducing that limitations should/can go hand-in-hand with allowing “direct free foundation building” of overhanging floors - within this limitations.

As I know our devs, I think this topic is already on their radar. :wink: