Can I make existing saves Sandbox?

Is there a way to make an existing save sandbox?

I’m not sure how and don’t want to make a new airport.


You could try editing the JSON file and setting the Sandbox setting to TRUE. I don’t know if it will work though. Backup the save before you try it.

Not sure how I would edit the file though

It’s just a text file. I’m not on Windows so I don’t know program names. Text Editor I think there was?

Where would I find it?
I’m on Mac by the way

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Ah, fellow Mac user.

Do NOT use text editor on the Mac it breaks the JSON files.


What should I use to open the file with then?

Firefox can do it. I use a JSON editor from the App Store. It’s free

Not now, it’s £4.99!

Sorry £8.99!

Really??? WOW

I’ll try another one

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you can press f10 and then find “enable sandbox” in game


That was so easy thanks!


LOL, I learned something there. :rofl::exploding_head:


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