Can floor three act as a passageway over taxiways?

I would just like to know if we could use the new multi floor function to build a passageway over taxiways, I have yet to actually check due to the small size of my current airport.

Most likly you can …

… just keep in mind you can’t build them on air yet, so they need to be built on a foundation being below. But you can remove these foundations again, once your passageway is built.

You can build over air/nothing, you just have to start over a Foundation and end over a Foundation.

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I must admit, I never tried it that way. Great if it works. I just built overhanging floors which I needed to built the way mentioned before.

I have the first floor over taxiways already….

Yes, but for an overhanging Floor you just need one Block of Foundation and not everything underneath.

Yes, the best way to achieve this is to “bridge” terminal foundation on the floor immediately beneath. You can click, starting on top of foundation, drag over your empty space, and then it will allow you to complete placing the “bridge” once you’re back on top of more foundation. The other way is to build everything on each floor to achieve the bridge you want, then remove the lower floor(s) to create the actual bridge.

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