Can a Small Aircraft Be De-iced Using the Medium De-icing Pad?

Can a small aircraft be de-iced using the Medium De-icing Pad? I haven’t tried it, but thought I;'d ask here.

It cannot.

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No, to avoid adding even more ATC complexity overhead they resort to their own equivalent de-icing pad stand size. Again, to make sure new players easily get the joust of things we want to have these separated and would not be something we’d add until we’re certain of the fact that the game communicates it in an understandable manner.

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So medium planes can’t use a large deicing stand?

Small aircraft can’t use medium de-icing pads but medium aircraft can use large de-icing pads. Naturally large aircraft can only use large de-icing pads. Medium aircraft will however always prioritize medium de-icing pads.


oh ok

Uhm, correction, apparently all aircraft can use the bigger versions. Small can use medium and large and so forth, but will always prioritize small pads first.

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