Camboriu International Airport (CBU)

Hello there, I would like to share my airport with you.

The airport concept:

The idea is to bring a brand new airport to Balneario Camboriu city.

Balneario Camboriu is a tourist seaside city in south of Brazil with 140,000 of resident population.
However, over the year, mainly during the summer, the city attracts over 2 million people between visitors and vacation residents making the population density to reach 22,000 people per km².

The city is famous for its natural tourist attractions and nearby beaches, world’s top nightclubs,
gastronomy and of course for its vertical buildings which makes Balneario Camboriu to be the brazilian Dubai city. Over the years, the city is growing rapidly. It’s already a destination of cruises, and a new airport is a must need.

The city of Balneario Camboriu and its buildings.

> The airport design:

The airport has two terminals: domestic and international.
Two runaways, one for departures and one for arrivals.

- Domestic Terminal


The domestic terminal consists of 22 gates, 4 of which are remote gates.

There are three main airlines in Brazil: Azul, Gol and LATAM. The market share of those airlines are almost equivalent so 6 gates are assigned to each airline. The remote gates are assigned to any airline with regional flights preferably.

2nd floor:
Gates A1-A6 - operated by LATAM
Gates B1-B6 - operated by Gol
Gates C1-C6 - operated by Azul
1st floor:
Gates D1-D4 - are remote gates, operated by any airline


As soon as the pax leave the security from upstairs, they arrive to the terminal plaza.
The terminal plaza is the terminal center that connects the boarding terminal wings A, B and C.
It also give access to the downstais (1st floor) where remote gates and baggage claims are located.
It has toilets, stores, vip lounges, and it has a food court in a mezzanine in which downstairs can be seen.

- International Terminal


The international terminal consists of 2 gates.

The city attracts a lot of latin tourists mainly argentine and uruguayans, therefore latin american airlines operates in this terminal such as Avianca, Aerolineas Argentinas and Copa Airlines.
Looking for attraction options other than carnival in Rio, Balneario Camboriu is already a route for
tourists from USA and Europe brought by American Airlines and TAP.

2nd floor:
Gate F1 - American Airlines (to USA), TAP (to Portugal), Azul (the brazilian airline also has a flight to USA)
Gate F2 - Avianca (to Peru), Aerolineas Argentinas (to Argentina and Uruguay), Copa Airlines (to Panama), LATAM (to Santiago)


As soon as the pax leave the security from upstairs, they arrive to the international terminal.
The international terminal is a large terminal with restaurants, stores, toilets, a vip lounge and it connects to gates F1 and F2.
It’s forbidden for arrivals get into boarding sector. There is a mandatory path for arrivals that goes to downstairs (1st floor) in the immigration sector. After the immigration, the pax have access to the baggage claim and customs check. (All done for the next update :slight_smile: )They exit through an international duty free store.

- Check-In Area

There are two check-in areas in the airport. Both are located on the 2nd floor.
The domestic check-in area has 52 check-in desks.
The international check-in area has 10 check-in desks.
This area is connected to the security (upstairs) and the arrivals plaza (downstairs).

- Arrivals Plaza and Transportation

The arrivals plaza is located on the 1st floor. It’s where all the pax arrives from domestic terminal in the north and international terminal in the south. The plaza has restaurants, stores, toilets and connects the check-in area upstairs and transportation area (subway, bus, taxis, parking) downstairs.

- Security Area

The security area is located on the 3rd floor where all leaving pax must pass. There are two security sectors: one that connects
to the domestic terminal and other that connects to the international terminal.

First floor: arrivals plaza, domestic and international baggage claims, remote gates D1-D4, immigration, customs.

Second floor: domestic and international boarding terminals, terminal plaza, check-in areas.

Third floor: security areas.

Hope you like it!!

PS: I forgot to take a pic from the -1st floor, I post later.


First floor: arrivals plaza, domestic and international baggage claims, remote gates D1-D4, immigration, customs.


Second floor: domestic and international boarding terminals, terminal plaza, check-in areas.


Third floor: security areas.


Welcome to the forum and welcome to the game! Looks very nice, very creative! Impressive what you have build! I really like the road network, do you have an underground picture as well? Could you please re-post the first 2 images, as I cannot see the ‘imgur’ images. Also very interested in detail screenshots of certain areas. How is the performance of the game as you’ve filled practically every inch of the map :smiley_cat:

@Puma thank you!

The performance is not that bad, I got an average of 20-25 fps with double-speed, 4.5k pax, 300 staffs, and 14 aircrafts. I have scheduled 62 flights a day.
I have an underground picture, despite that is the floor I least dedicated to.

I’ll post detail screenshots later in the posts.

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This is the domestic terminal plaza. It connects the three boarding terminals wings of gates A1-A6, B1-B6 and C1-C6. It has a food court closer to a mezzanine of glass-roofed like a mall. And it is surrounded by stores.

This is the boarding terminal wing A. Gates A1 to A6 and is operated by LATAM. I use the conveyor belt to simulate a moving walkway.

Here are the remote gates D1-D4 and are located downstairs from the domestic plaza.

Here is the domestic baggagle claim area located downstairs from the domestic plaza. It has a glass-roofed corridor in which pax without baggage can follow until the exit or get their baggage in the claim sides areas.

This is the international boarding terminal. It has only two gates F1 and F2. It is completely separated from the domestic terminal. The arrivals pax follow a path to downstairs escalators. They cannot access the boarding terminal.

Here is the immigration and passport check area (ready for the next update :slight_smile:) , international baggagle claim, customs sector and an international duty free store, then the exit to the arrivals plaza.

Here is the arrivals plaza where domestic and international arrive. It connects the underground floor where has parking lots, bus, taxis… and the check-in area upstairs.

Here is the domestic and international check-in area.

Here is a tricky that I would like to share with you. I usually use a staff zone area to force the pax to follow a proper path. For example, I put staff zone closer to wall edges to force them walk in the middle of the corridor. Or, use the staff zone to not permit pax walk through restaurants or stores.


That’s a huge and impressive airport!

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Very good job on the hole airport its HUGE! Will take inspiration from this as well very well laid out.

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What a Nice Airport!
I search for a good inspiration and that ist exactly what i was looking for!

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Never thought about putting a duty free store in arrivals - not sure why I haven’t! good idea :slight_smile: realistic too!