Cadiz Bahia Sur

After the latest update I decided to rebuild my airport using the new tiles available.

Cadiz Bahia Sur (CAD) is located in the South West of Spain.

I’ve created a large H-shaped terminal with commercial runways located to the north and south of the terminal building. A GA area is located with its own runway to the east of the main terminal area.

Aircraft traffic land on the northern runway and proceed south to their gate and depart on the southern runway. This maintains a one-way flow of aircraft traffic and avoids congested taxiways.

Passengers arrive by subway at the southern part of the centre of the terminal. Check in desks, toilets and security are located centrally with passengers moving into a large central hall after passing security which contains shops and food outlets, along with seating areas and toilets.

Gates are based in 3 blocks:

  • the east and western piers house 6 medium stands each. In the centre of the pier are 2 cargo bays (one per 3 stands) to minimise transport time to the aircraft.
  • the northern part of the terminal houses 10 small stands, with a cargo bay at each edge serving the 5 closest stands.
  • passengers exit at the east or west of the central area, with baggage reclaim based at the southern edge of the airport (3 east and 3 on the west side).

Things I have found helpful

  1. One-way aircraft movements to avoid congestion
  2. Place the end of the departure runway equally spaced from the east and west taxiways to reduce taxiing time
  3. Vehicle depots, fuel depots and baggage/cargo bays based in the middle of each pier to reduce vehicle transportation time to the stands
  4. Dedicated GA runways and taxi ways to reduce congestion
  5. Multiple staff security points around the airport to reduce walking time to jobs (eg: to boarding desks)
  6. 2 x boarding desks per medium stand - halves the boarding time!
  7. Push back “stands” - I’ve created push back areas to the side of the taxi way - this clears aircraft off the stands to allow others to park, does not congest the taxi ways and seems to make the taxiways flow smoothly.

Most aircraft depart on time or slightly ahead of schedule.

The airport has maxed at around 4000 passengers at once when all gates were in use simultaneously. Runs a little jolty on my mac but still perfectly playable.

My next project will be to try to recreate the old Berlin Templehof airport.


Very reminiscent of my Wellington build but further progressed. Agree, the one way flow really helps the movement of the aircraft.

Just had a quick look at Wellington - yes I can see how reminiscent it is! I think one way flow works best.

I had tried a version with a runway located to the east, and another to the west, with all aircraft passing around the edge of the terminal in a one way system from west to east, in an inverted U-shape but I found it just took so long for aircraft to travel to the stands. This allowed bus/road transport to the terminal but obviously the delays caused an issue…

It would be great if we could have road tunnels to allow landslide roads to pass under the runways or taxiways to the terminal building, like at Luton Airport where the taxiway entirely circles the terminal building.

Tunnels would be excellent I agree and have even submitted it as a feature request via Jira.

Top/bottom runways I’ve found too work the best. I’ve just unlocked all of the remaining areas and about to expand. I’ve been thinking what ways to go, hence the very much interest given the similarities.

Quick question, do you get any guests that arrive and the straight away depart again via the subway?

Tunnels would be great or even a taxiway/runway road crossing like Gibraltar, where the road crosses the runway but temporarily closes when aircraft are due.

I’ve not noticed that happening with passengers - they seem to exit the subway, head to the toilet then the check-in desks straight away so assume they are entering the airside part of the terminal.

I have noticed franchise staff arriving at the subway and hanging around there for a few hours then going back in to the subway.

Hola ElCapitan, muy chulo el aeropuerto, me recuerda a los veranos que he pasado precisamente en Bahía Sur (el auténtico). Sería una pasada poder jugar con este u otros aeropuertos, porque para hacer uno desde 0 es una muerte, ¿sabes de dónde se podrían bajar algunos aunque sean sencillos para no empezar totalmente de 0? Muchas gracias y enhorabuena por el pedazo de curro con este aeropuerto, tiene una pintaza.

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ES: Gracias a sus comentarios. No creo que es posible para descargar los juegos/mapas para compartir.

EN: Does anyone know if it is possible to share saved games with other users?

It will be shortly. For now you can share on Discord

If you search %appdata% and click enter, you can access your save games folder where you can compress it and share it. :slight_smile:

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