Buying vehicles bug

hi ,
since the last update there seems to be an issue wit the vehicle buy menu.
whenever i want to buy certain vehicles i cant seem to buy them because they appear half visible in the bottom of the menu, there is no way to scroll down however.

is this a big bug ? or is there a fix for it ?
thanks for any help

Hello, Welcome to the community.

Did you try to further scroll down?

The UI is horrible - you can’t move the window, other UI elements are in front when they should be in the back…
But if you try, if you really really try very hard, you can do it.
Try the scrollbar on the right. I know, it looks like there is none, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find it and you can drag it down or up… sometimes you just find it and it wont let you drag it.

Try the mousewheel… it works sometimes… or click in the window (not on the scrollbar) and drag, that’ll work

Yes it is a bug, no I don’t know a fix for it

Thanks for reporting, I will fix it! Seems to be the same issue in the economy panel. For me, it still works by dragging the screen (like on a phone screen) or scrolling with the mouse wheel. Are you unable to do those things as well?

Do you have examples? I’ll have a look at them!

Look at screenshot in the OP, the red square… all these UI elements in there for building should be behind the windows (in that case the purchase vehicles) IMHO. As it is now, it looks wrong.

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