Bus Transport to/from the airport

I’d already mentioned this earlier in the ideas section. But I’m putting it into the feature voting:

Feature request title:

Improved bus operations to/from the airport

I’d like there to be two options in terms of which bus companies operate to/from the airport.

“Authorised operator only”

Sign an exclusive contract with one bus company
Airport gets a fee, bus company gets a monopoly

“Any operator”

Don’t sign any agreements, leave it as a free-for-all with no monopolies
No fees but improved (passenger/airline/both) satisfaction


There’s currently no reason for having several different bus companies operating to/from the airport. They all go to the same destination, from the same bus stops, passengers will (i think) use any bus company. This would give a point to having different bus companies

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Having multiple transport companies and signing contracts with them would be nice.
Each company would give you passengers, and different contracts would supply different cities. The more bus stops you provide for a certain company, the more passengers you can receive.

Bonus points for using actual population centers, giving more meaning to the airport placement.

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