Bus Stops and Car drop off point are broken for me?!

Hey, this is my first post so don’t murder me lol

I got this game on the 5th of Feb and I really liked it, however, I’ve found that I have an inability to make a good bus stop point (and cars.) Basically, the issue is that my buses seem to wait for forever at the stops, I’ve tried pressing F10 and clicking on unoccupy all road nodes but this doesn’t work. One thing I have noticed is that they get stuck with their doors open, then the buses and cars behind them just wait for them as if they are going to pull out imminently. Also sometimes if I waited long enough they would start pulling out going on the opposite side of the road, driving along that side then turning back around and pulling into their stop. This would go on inifinitley I think but I haven’t had the patience to see. This is effectively destroying my airport so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Here are some links to some pictures of the issue:

The airport is closed

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Like dallas said, the airport is closed. This means people won’t get out

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Sorry, I’m aware that the airport is closed but it doesn’t actually work with it open

I will send screenshots of it when it is open if you want-

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Update: I think I have found the root of the problem which appears to be (as shown aboveas the first link) where the bus will wait there with it’s doors open as if it is waiting for a person to get on. Any further help on this would be great ^^

We have extended the time buses wait for persons with several seconds to mitigate performance issues, however tomorrow we will be pushing a completely revamped version of exception handling for vehicles which should mean, when thoroughly tested and vetted, no stuck vehicles ever again.


sounds brilliant, looking forward to it and will bug test it as much as I can


Be careful Olof, bold claims like “no stuck vehicles ever again” make people very exciteable :wink:


Haha, it’s intended. I want people to get excited so that when they try it, and if it fails, they’ll get frustrated and jump on the forum and call me out. That way I hope to get any additional errors in and will in turn jump on them immediately… :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m really excited to see how it goes! :slight_smile:


This! @dallas can demolish anything in A-CEO.


LOL. You give me too much credit. Lets see what damage I can do to the new update on Saturday.


Haha, so I have to book my time tonight for ACEO … :open_mouth:
For me, hanging vehicles are the biggest problem, cause I need to reload game …
(besides the incoming baggage of course :rofl:)

Sorry, the deployment will be postponed until tomorrow, working on an additional performance test implementation which we also want you to try out. Will give you peeps an update tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Awww I had a plan to test new version tomorrow on my vacation day. Oh well :frowning:

my problem seems to be fixed though so I’m not bothered ^-^ ty