Bus Boarding? New buses?

I’m wondering if there will be bus boarding in the future. I’d like to have bus boarding, where you still have boarding desks in the same terminal as where you would otherwise have the boarding desks. You could add bus stop inside of the area after the checkpoint for the cars like fuel trucks. You would need to connect the bus stop to the boarding desk and the airport gate. You would also be able to add one bus stop to different gates and boarding desks.
The bus can park on the stand itself so you don’t need a bus stop near the stand. This would of course only make sense with the small stands because you wouldn’t see bus boarding to a jetbridge stand (a.k.a medium stand).

You would need to unlock this and you would need to buy some buses in order for this to work. This will replace the need of sidewalks in some areas where these sidewalks aren’t realistic like over taxiways.
I’d like to see this because it isn’t realistic having sidewalks over a taxiway.


Yes, I agree. This idea has been discussed at length (although under the term “remote stands” rather than “bus boarding”, which may be why a search has yielded little or no results) and the devs have indicated that it’s something that will happen in the game. Essentially, yes it will be implemented in due course.

And with regards to medium stands, it should be perfectly possible to create a medium stand without airbridge which would not only work as a “contact” stand but also facilitate remote boarding of the 737s and so on.

I agree, they do have to make it possible to remove the jet bridges when we want to, I would actually like to see that.

I also agree and also they could make an outside stand that does not require a tube to connect to the airport but one of those stairs on wheels that connects to that planes that would also require to be purchased

Good idea, boarding stairs would be a great addon for larger aircraft on “remote stands”.

Very realistic idea :+1: With bus boarding available, airplane can park at the far area of the airport so passenger can board without need to expand the airport main building. Maybe someday the passenger class can be differentiated too so it will need 2 type of bus, for the business class and economy class.

Currently there is only 1 type of bus which has capacity of 40. I think it simulates big airport shuttle bus which everyone sits. Maybe in future we will see public transport busses with 3x or 4x capacity of current busses.

I support that idea. Is very realistic - especially für small and medium stands.

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