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Hi again, ACEO community!

I recently built my first career airport in quite a while and have a bunch of questions that I’ll bundle up instead of asking in seperate topics. Any help is appreciated as always!

  1. Will staff hiring filtering ever be a thing?
    I know it gets brought up in support and voting Meta once in a while, but it really gets frustrating when I keep getting 5 sub-par employees when trying to do a rapid expansion such as opening a whole terminal

  2. Do people still get performance issues with large airports?
    I’m talking 20-30 medium and large stands(combined). I know the game underwent a huge optimisation in beta 6 or 7 and a huge performance improvement but I still find vehicles underground offroading or just stagnant and not moving

  3. Will staff and vehicle shortage ever be highlighted by terminal in the future?
    I was working on 2.5 terminals operation capacity and I had 200 ramp agents doing 70-80 tasks and a shortage of 50 tasks, but they won’t highlight which terminal is in a shortage. I hope it changes in the future so that I know which terminal needs more help

  4. No emergencies?
    I’m playing on easy mode into year 6 and have yet to get an emergency. This is different to my last experience where I got maybe 1 emergency a year(same difficulty). Did the devs change it such that easy mode has no emergencies?

  5. Airport services
    Are firetrucks and police stations really necessary?


  1. It depends on your hardware and on your setup. Road issues often appear when you have too many lanes or complicated junctions. Post some screenshots and we may can see the issue. :slight_smile:
  1. In Easy-Mode, the chance is there but almost at 0%. Use moderate to get sometimes an emergency. Also make sure when playing in Sandbox mode, that emergencies are active in the Sandbox settings.

  2. When emergencies are active (point 4), then yes. Otherwise you pay a fine in case of an emergency which requires those vehicles.

  1. Airport services
    Are firetrucks and police stations really necessary?

Firetrucks are a legal requirement for commercial airports worldwide, so yes.

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Thanks for the reply as always, guys!

Unfortunately I got too frustrated and had overwritten my save so I can’t provide screenshots, however this does give me new questions

  1. What’s a good staff ratio to ensure there’s enough to rest and work at the same time? Ie number of ramp agents per stand or baggage bay, number of security officers per large security checkpoint, number of passenger service agents per large gate etc

  2. Must hangars and emergency service buildings be assigned to terminals for them to work?

  3. Must catering and trash depots be assigned to terminals for them to work?

It already is - when you hover over the staff or vehicle icons at the bottom of the screen you can select between the whole airport and each individual terminal.

No, I don’t think so

I am someone that loves the old-fashioned FAQ, Walkthrough, and Game Mechanic sections and would love one for this game. I sadly have not found one, but here are some things I have noticed from experience.

  1. Staff: Safest and expensive is to hire double the needed so that someone is resting while the others are working.
    a. Ramp Agents: Choose you number on the baggage bay x2(I always choose 8 on each side, so 32 agents per baggage bay if you want a resting replacement crew ready at all times). I think it takes 3 or 4 of them per stand to do the service round and the baggage and they must be able to walk to the ground level of the stand. I tend to constantly hire ramp agents if I am going for a big build. I only use automated checkpoints for passport checks due to the massive size difference and the lack of staff necessity. I have had as many 450-500 at once before when I was running 54 medium stands.
    b. Security staff need is determined by checkpoint size: to operate, each small requires 1, each medium requires 3, while each large requires 5. The baggage scanner will require 1, and if you have foot patrol, have at least one extra for that. Similar to ramp agents, I constantly hire security and tend to a security staff of 400 to run all the checkpoints.
    c. Passenger service agent need is only for desks. 2 per information desk, 1 for each small check in or boarding gate per flight, and 2 for each medium check in or boarding gate per flight. I tend to go for bug builds, so never install manned check in at my airports. I also set the passenger ratio to 100% for each flight, so I have 1 medium boarding desk and 6 automated boarding desks per medium or large stand to get everyone boarded on time.

  2. Hangars and Emergency do not need to be assigned, but need to be accessible from the runway and the stand that the emergency flight is handled at (This takes taxi restrictions into account.) The usual emergency cycle is: choose a stand, plane lands tand heads to chosen stand, plane heads to hangar, plane departs. If the stand is not service road accessible from the emergency station, then that step fails. I tend to put my hangars near the runway entrance for a departure because planes that exit the hangar go straight to depart. Also, medium and large hangars require a tug that can reach them by service road for planes the leave and gate assigned tugs will not go to the hangars. If all your tugs are gate assigned, you will need and extra one that is not assigned to deal with hangars. Not one for each hangar, just one small and one large push back because hangar need is rare.

  3. Catering and trash Depots do not need to be assigned.
    a. Cabin Cleaning trucks will only visit the trash depot once they are full, so the depot can be anywhere on the map, but the trucks should be parked near stands for quickest service. I tend to have a truck to stand ratio 1:2. From what I can tell, Cabin Cleaning truck logic is:
    i. go to assigned parking
    ii.go to gate when called for service
    iii. if truck not full after service, return to assigned parking, if truck is full, then go to depot and empty,
    iv. return to assigned parking
    b. Catering does not need to be assigned, just near the terminals because the trucks visit the catering depot to fill before they head to a stand. For this reason, I tend to build a vehicle depot of only assigned catering trucks right next to the catering depot I just buy trucks in multiples of 10 because the depot will take 10 or 20. When things get busy, the weakest link is that each depot can only load 5 trucks at a time and sometimes the meal production rate can be too low if you aren’t paying attention. Catering trucks logic appears to be:
    i. Go to assigned parking
    ii. When flight needs meals, go to nearest catering depot to get the number of meals for that flight
    iii. Go to stand and service that flight
    iv. Return to assigned parking

I hope this was helpful.

This has been very very helpful, thanks a lot!

Woah I’ve been playing this game since the alpha builds and I never knew, can’t believe I missed it considering how much I use that very tool

It’s actually 4 security staff that’s needed on a medium checkpoint and on small stands only 1 ramp agent is needed although I think you may need 1 or 2 more if you have baggage handling enabled.

The number of spawned applicants will be increased in an upcoming update.

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