Building One way roads

In most airports that I have been to, the access road leading from the main road to the drop off points is a one-way road.
In all 3 gameplay vids, a 2-way road has been added.

a) What happens if I place only a single block thick road (unlike 2x thickness road to make a 2 way)? Which direction will traffic follow or will it not be allowed?
b) Would like to place a 2 lane one-way road leading up to the airport with bus drop offs on 1 side and car drop offs on the other side. Crosswalk for passengers to cross the road. This will allow different types of traffic to use different lanes, and since roads are 1 way, there will be no time wasted by traffic coming wrong way and taking U-turns at the drop off point (like 1 of the contractor buses in the 1st gameplay vid)

A nice feature would be the option to decide the driving direction of any roads placed by player (this will take care of above points)


Im sorry welcome to the forums but this has already been suggested here

I personally think that this is not a “minor” suggestion because many airports have this and it is quite useful and effective. :slight_smile:

Well either way it was suggested already and that forum is more minor to medium importance keep in mind there gonna be focusing on bugs and aircraft

Aircraft? :confused:

Things that have to do with aircraft such as bag loaders there focusing on things that have to do with aircraft and bugs so this is kind of low priority

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