Building issues on the Experimental branch

Er, I was building on the experimental branch, and built the main terminal, and built an extension, and when I built it and brought down the menu. It kept doing the flashing thing over the constructed part, looking like this (image below). Then, before I could save, it crashed.

When building a very recent release in Experimental, I always play with autosave on, then you can repeat the thing you did and file a bug-report from the autosave.


Had same problem, but when zoning secure areas… game crashed. switched autosave on, again… :wink:

Nevertheless there are some strange constructing behaviours.

I’m finding permannently convey belts or fundations on floors and at “corners” of my map, where I surely never have built anything. Only single tiles/squares.

In the beginning, I thought that I “misclicked” my mouse, but I start more and more thinking it is a bug…
Seems like there are “double-constructions” on different floors/parts of the map, time and again. But hard to proof, cause it seems to happen randomly.

Do you use hotkeys to change the floors or click on the up/down arrows? I find if you click on the arrows, you’ placing objects on the location where those buttons are above off. ( if you have somthing selected for placing)

Lol, this bug occurred, when menu clicks resulted in building stuff on the map, did that happen with you?

could be, of course… I guess some of them are from this bug.

But here

I’ve already verified, that I have a fundation square, which interacts with another, completely different fundation square on another floor, when demoliting it…

That’s why I think it could be two different bugs…

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