Buildable subway stairs/elevator/escalator/Door

as mentioned in Alpha 29 thread - i came up with simple solution

when new Muilt story comes in use - the existing subway station will be still be used for smaller airports but subway stairs/escalator/elevator that can be used inside of Buildings
subway doors can be placed on walls

example i build the airport with basement - you place door that spawns people to enter airport at basment. in other example - if i dont have basmenet built - i could place stairs or elevator or escalator - those will spawn pax in same way as today’s subway station

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You step on a good point. What will happen to subway entrances?

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I’d like to get an appropiate sized subway station as a buildable object, where you can watch all the people as in any other part of your airport.

After it’s build there could be non-buildable area along is axis to simulate the subway tunnel.
As an alternative you could be in need to build the subway tunnel similar to roads yourself.

Sounds like a whole new game, subwayCEO haha

Are you already playing RoadConstructorCEO while you build the roads leading to your airport and the bus/car stops? :wink:

It’s not. I’m talking just about a simple buildable object of large size … e.g. a runway is such an large object too, even thought a subway station most likely would be more wide.

Im not talking about building every single detail of it yourself.
Possibly there could be different sizes of subway stations with different capacity.

the new items will be subway station entrances (those will spawn pax)

the older ones will be purely used for Outside areas only

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