BUG report runway can't find taxiway


First of all I would like to thank you for creating this game, I enjoyed playing it very much.

Some details of my computer first. Macbook Pro, 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5, from 2014.

Now a little background about the bug: First I made a small airport on the top side of the road, getting cashflow going, etc. Now everything is running, I’ve created on the other side (separate from the other building) a new terminal. Including one arrival and one departure runway. I’ve connected everything with taxiways, just like I did before. Everything is connected and running. Only there is a huge problem with the arrival runway. No plane is able to find the path towards the terminal, so they are all stuck to the runway.

After this I tried to open the other runway for both directions and closed the runway with the bug, however all airplanes will still land on the bug runway, and nothing is helping to solve the problem (also not saving and open the save.

During this game I encountered another problem with the busstops. Busses are always looking for the shortest way, even dough this is the way they came from, and there is (a more logical one way route). And because of the many busses they get stuck on each other, and I have to restart the game again to solve this problem. So could you please make one way roads?

Hope you can help me out!


  1. On the runway side, arrival runways also need holding point to work properly. Deleting the runway won’t solve anything since it seems once the plane is determined to arrive/depart from a runway, it sets its mind to do so.
  2. One-way route is not really supported yet, so you need to have at least two lanes of road to prevent deadlock.


Thanks for the solution, the holdingpoint was added, so that should not be it. However point number two makes sense, as I did only add one way to the runway (So it is an answer to both :smiley: ).


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