Bug: Odd issue with remote stands / save file not showing up

It’s nice to see you’re still here. I’d like to advice if i can, but i don’t know if there’s anyhing i can do because you stated earlier you lost all progress.
So I do have to ask: what issues are still standing?
And for the bug report: Olof could sure use the reportnumber on that to know wich report came from you. If you don’t remember and didn’t start the game another time since the session with the report, it might still be in output_log.

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All right @Dusan thank you for explaining. Yeah, as @dewitjur said at this point we need to look at some reports. Do you have a bug report number for me?

Here it is

Great, I will check it out.

Edit: Okay, so I’ve checked it out, you can read my comment here, it should clear it up: Log in with Atlassian account


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And you can dowload the savefile there. I believe you mentioned you lost it.


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