BUG Metro / tube passenger run up stairs and go home

Hi there,

I was building my airport when people stopped departing from my airport. Found out the metro passengers run up the stairs and immediately turn around and go home. The flights are still shown fullfilled and filled up correct. My shop doesnt make any money anymore. Zones are all correct. In the same game passengers had the same problem at certain stands and got locked. This happened especially with double row benches. Had this problem multiple times before. Found out that when I used the red zone again (dragging a redzone area in an already excisting red zoned area.) people moved normal again and could board again. I hope this information is usefull to you.

Im new to this forum. I want to post more stuff when i find bugs. If there is an area (which I havent found yet) this post belongs let me know please.


Hi and welcome to the forums.

The PAX bug is known. I have it too and bug reported as well. Olof knows what the issue is so will get fixed at some point. :smiley:

Can you show a screen shot of where your benches are? If they are touching a wall that can cause issues too.

hey, I got same problem. passenger comes to airport and are waiting for thier checkin time. Immediately after the chekin deskes is open, passenger run back to metro and going home. Even some case they passed secutity checkpoint after chekin and they ran out to exit and leaved the airport. Huh

I tried to resolves the problem exactly but nothing changed. :slight_smile:

2 years after this topic was created as well… but I do know what you mean. I had the same problem.