Bug for "Berry Aviation"

Something went wrong during saving the livery file for Berry Aviation. There is a whole new aircraft created :slight_smile:

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You’ll need to let the designer know so they can update the artwork.


made by pologuy

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Which version do you have?

You mean of ACEO or of the Mod?

ACEOMM. Or which link did you use to download?

Steam Workshop.

Yep united air same issue it’s the mod got it from steam.

Which one and plane?

@simking can you show us which United has problem so we fix it and publish new version?

bug files “liveryData.json”

\workshop\content\673610\1365224422\Companies\Airlines\Berry Aviation\DHC6_BerryAviation_PoloGuy

I even made the correction but when it updates the MOD it returns the bug. The solution was not to enter into a contract with Berry Aviation

esta difícil consertar isso ???

I took a look at fixing Berry. Could we get some screen snaps please.

It suppose to be fixed on ACEOMM Please update your mod by reinstalling it.

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Berry Aviation works fine for me

Was using an old version, browsing dormant threads, sorry to raise a false alarm.


Workshop steam.

This bug has been fixed on ACEOMM

Both Steam Workshop and Native editions are released.

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Yeah :heart_eyes: