Bug Deadlock state at runway

I had set up a runway for commercial departures only. Game assigned an aircraft to land on it causing the runway to become deadlocked. (don’t have images of this state) left game to run for one ingame day and state did not resolve. upon reloading the save, the deadlock cleared. Link to save at a deadlocked point.

throughout this period GAA planes ignored taxiways and instead headed strait to the seperate runway


Bug repeated itself later on using the same save Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I have a feeling that it’s related to having a separate runway not connected to the taxi network

use F10… Debug Menu to solve those deadblocks.

And also that’s a hell of an airport… can never build that big due hardware restrictions.

I’ve used the f10 menu and it didn’t work (should have mentioned that earlier)

for the airport itself i have to run it on 1 speed when all the terminals are full and it’s fine

It could be. I would recommend having all taxiways connected just in case. The ATC system is still fairly basic.

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Yes the separation caused the bug, had no more issues when runways were all connected.