Bug: Cannot Attach 6 Fuel Tanks to Fuel Depots

You can attach only 4 Fuel Tanks. There is room for 6. I previously submitted a Jira Bug Report and save file and image: the popup said the Fuel Tank was too far from depot. That is not the case. The problem is you cannot attach 6 Tanks

You are right, the maximum at this time is 4.
I guess it would be nice if it would not have a limit and that you could link the tanks together.
Then again, when i got close to needing that much fuel, i built a 2nd fuel depot.

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I’m not even trying to link Tanks together. There is room to attach all 6 directly to the Depot.

I know, but at this time the limit is hardcoded to 4 :slight_smile:
That’s not so much a bug as it is an improvement waiting to happen :smiley:
Although i agree that that message could use some work

Something I wonder is why would you even need 4 or 6 tanks? I don’t need to have 1 at all…

This is what I’m looking for. I can get any 4, but not 6. Why is this harcoded?


@Myxtro: Yes, I too, sometimes wonder such things. I often ponder the great issues of the universe. This, however, is not one of those. LOL :grinning:

My airport runs out of 4 tanks in no time… I should indeed build an extra depot, why did I not consider that.

probably easier to just get another fuel depot.
Also allows for more fuel points for your trucks :smiley:

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So, can we connect Garage’s to fuel depots… @Olof.

Your very big dev team was on that, right? On the very short list with stuff to do somewhere?