Boston John Adams Int'l Airport (BSA)

Hello fellow ACEOs!
Today i present you my latest creation, Boston John Adams International Airport (BSA), built to ‘ease’ the larger Logan airport, mostly serving the smaller domestic market. It currently has 14 medium stands, although in the future will expand to around 28 gates (awaiting underground tunnel), 3 runways and one reserved for GA, although soon will be extended to accommodate jets. Lacking by ACEO standards, but my old laptop will burn if i expanded it to the target (28 gates) now. So while waiting for my PC to come back, enjoy this little airport!

Link to Save file: Dropbox - Boston John Adams Int'l Airport (BSA) v1 - Simplify your life

Screenshot Time!

The main terminal, with room for expansion on top the runway

Check-in, security, and baggage claims

The shopping hall connecting the terminal with the concourses

Concourse A

Concourse B

The small GA area, with runway 10/28 (the concrete), 18/36 (vertical), and 09L/27R (horizontal)

A United 737, lining up Runway 09L/27R

Also, this is supposed to be the Bern-Liebefeld-Koniz, but i realised that there were few airlines in Switzerland, so i changed it to Boston.


I see you’re ready for the modular runway exits :smiley:
Looking good!


Very nice build indeed. :grinning:

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Thanks for the compliment! anyway, yes, i am excited for the new runway exits!

Really? i thought it was lacking :sweat_smile:

I assume you’re also planning to add some remote stands? I think it would be nice if you put them near the GA stands or do you already have a plan for that?

Oh and are the runways full length? They do look really long :slight_smile:

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For remote stands, i will put it south, turning right from main road, below runway 09R/27L, maybe with a small terminal, and a new 18/36 runway, maybe ~1300 m

And for the runway length:
09R/27L and 09L/27R : 2200 m
18/36 : 1400 m
10/28 : 1000 m, later to 2000 m


The runway and taxiway layout looks fantastic, very realistic!!

Danke, Good sire! those parts took ages, slower than the terminal itself…

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Nice build! The terminal is setup in a very nice way! Would indeed be cool to add remote stands as well.

Logan is a nice airport, I live near it

Yeah, it was quite nice. Been there while visiting my cousin at Quincy. The confusing runway is beautiful.

There’s 6 runways, even more than Atlanta and JFK.

But still less than Chicago :wink:

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