Bold ~ TSH airport ~ Large planes only field

Easy mode challenge; how about booting the airport up with a large runway and a large stand, lets go from there.

Two stands

Three stands

Seems I need more security :wink:


Moved toilets and extended waiting area and setup large security, moved and extended international check.

Forth up

Did you seriously use grass taxiways

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:stuck_out_tongue: when starting with a large stand, you need all the money you can :wink:

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But seriously… :joy:
Though it looks more funny than crazy or weird :rofl:

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I actually thought it was a random glitch where the plane taxis through grass, but no it was a grass taxiway, nice

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Slowly growing the airport.

Adding more zone checkpoints.

Adjusted departure waiting area and check-in

6 stands now :smiley:

7 stands operating :slight_smile:

9 gates, getting somewhere.

With mixed plane sizes and all kind of services, 100% seems impossible, without services with large planes, it seems possible.


Next thing you need to do: actually add some real and proper taxiways!!!

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Nah, who needs real and proper taxiways?

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Me :rofl:

Why would you bother with those upkeep costs? I find the economy already outputting a very low margin.

I think its because I use 100% or 90% passenger to flight ratio :upside_down_face:

12 stands operational, with fuel and baggage active now

Lots of large planes bring a lot of people to baggage pickup it seems :wink:


When staff-rooms get to small; Extensions pls!

You need to hire an interior designer.

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would you like to share your save to see what others can create with your airport

Sure, let me “complete” it first, when I abandon it :wink:

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Ok, when this is on the steam workshop I will help jasperwillem out by redesighning it :rofl:

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