Boarding Rooms

Building boarding rooms for each stand and connecting said rooms to each stand similar to the way boarding desks are connected to aircraft stands. The rooms can be created just like any other type of room in the game.

Maybe this might solve the annoying situation where passengers occupy gate seating somewhere else other than the ones close to the boarding gates they go to.

Please let me know if there are similar threads that address the same idea. All types of opinions are welcome. :slight_smile:

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That’s what passengers do, they sit wherever they want and where there’s place.
I’d prefer the algorithm would encourage them to wait closer to the gate. And they should move to the gate earlier so they don’t miss their flight.

It’s okay to have objects (stands, gates etc) connected to each other when this is the case in reality. However, such assignments as you mentioned do exist in airports, but passengers still have the liberty to choose to wait in a nearby restaurant or so.

So you mean that even with the implementation of ‘boarding rooms’ it still wont make any difference?

No, I don’t mean that. It depends on how the rules are: are they forced to wait in the boarding room? I would not like that.

The only problem with the current situation I see is that the pax waiting too far away cause delays. This is a unreal situation as no flight would wait for them in real life.
That’s why I wish they would go to the gate earlier to catch their plane.

I don’t think your idea would not work, I think the problem should be solved in a more realistic way.
We could have boarding rooms anyway, but because they exist at some airports, not because they could help solving a problem in the game.

Yes, I get it. Thanks :smiley:

Hey @Titule! I’ve been giving this some thought lately. Your concern is valid. It wouldn’t be right to force passengers to occupy the seats in the boarding area. But after the security checkpoint, it is just one single secure zone. Passengers are free to sit anywhere in this said area. By creating a boarding area, passengers could identify another point where they should be after security checks (if they are to eliminate chances of missing their flights)

For example:
Suppose I have a flight to catch. I just finished security checks and am now walking down a concourse with gates A1-A11. My flight is in A7. Now, I wouldn’t sit near A1 just because seating is closer to where I am. My first priority would be to reach A7 and occupy free seats there. If there aren’t any free seats (highly unlikely) I wouldn’t mind standing for bit. And if I’m too tired to stand, it think about occupying a seat in a nearby gate area (let’s say A6 or A8). All this is because I know, I should be near my boarding gate after security checks. Not because airport staff force me to.

Now, in the game, because of this lack of boarding areas, passengers move around like brainless sheep, occupying the closest seats or shopping in the closest franchises which can probably take them further away from where they’re supposed to be.

@dallas @Puma @Rubble @jasperwillem I would love to hear your opinions as well. Please do so when you find time. :slight_smile:

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Most of my PAX are always waiting near there boarding desk. Don’t even recognize people waiting far away, except if they are fulfilling their needs.

Anyway, I can tell you I’ve been waiting with friends away from the boarding area already in real life. As long as you can read your clock and there’s plenty of time there can be several reasons for that.

But i not implemented yet, PAX should start to move to the boarding area soon before boarding then.

IRL PAX also manage to miss flights for various reasons, but also when they passed security already… Wandering around, not thinking and looking where they have to go, not keeping track of time, not keeping an eye on the information boards, etc. ‘Normally’ it should not be a problem for people to get to the gate, even when they are eating or shopping away from the gate. As long as they keep the walking distance and time in account, they should be fine. Some airports even announce the gate only 20 mins before boarding time (i.e. Heathrow), to prevent people to occupy the (surrounding) gate space or stand in line for priority lane already. A boarding area is there already and as @Seraphin says normally PAX tend to go there in time. But, if a shopping area or restaurant is nearby it could be that PAX go and spent time there and be late or miss their flight, just as IRL. For me it would have more added value if the information boards have more influence on PAX behaviour (i.e. placement and amount), as well as having an announcement system (to be researched through the tech tree) for example. That is much more realistic than an area where PAX are ‘forced’ into.

It does make sense. I guess I keep thinking in circles!
Sorry for pulling a dead thread guys! :sweat_smile:

Pax ingame already try to stay close to their boarding desk. You can recognise this by building no seats or shops. They’ll ask fir them after reaching the boarding desk.
Perhaps this is an advantage for coding in a safety against oneway doors? If reaching the boarding desk the first time triggers a connection check from their next target location to the boarding desk they shouldnt be using one way passages with no way back would they @Olof?

Would love to see the addition of a board/gate-room. This gives passengers a goal to go to after security and shops&food. This will also eliminate pax sitting on the benches of the gate next to their intended gate. (I’ve had this happening very often because the pax choose the benches closest to the boarding desks. even if there are walls or hedges that mark of the area.)

This would allocate seating to the gate &flight. Seating that isn’t connected to anything, Not in a room or food or shop area will be freely available for all pax…

Might be something for the terminal update… :wink:

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Boarding/gate room sounds to me like a construction of gates at concourses A, B, C at DXB / OMDB, where there are 2 places for passengers to wait for boarding - one with seats next to the gate, where any passenger, not only the one who will be boarding at the gate can sit down, and another already inside the gate, where only people who will board the assigned plane are allowed to go in after the boarding pass (and passport) check and the staff of course. PAX are let into the 2nd room usually some 15-30 minutes before the actual boarding starts and for some of destinations there is additional security check performed down there.

I think this is already done because instead of a room they head to, they head for the boarding desks and then when they get there they go to the closest un occupied seat if they need to sit or they roam around in front of the desk or they use bathrooms and shop, so a defined room is not needed

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