Boarding que

guys it would really be helpful if we could build a boarding que lines too. some airports have this and can assign different pax categories to que, like business/economy etc.

Usually when pax exit the plane maybe sort them and not let them go through the qued pax standing for boarding…

This is planned but can’t be acted on right now as we have a lot of other stuff to take care of first, but yes, I recognize that some form of structuring boarding queues a bit more would be nice.

It is a nice addition. In the same area, I would love to see some optimization of the pathing. When pax board they move to the desk and pass by to the door which is fine and controllable in terms of having a directed pax stream. But when they deboard they first move to the desk and then back to the end of the desk waiting area. I can show a screen when I’m home. Best would be to avoid the desk visit at deboarding at all. In RL when you leave the plain you don’t visit the boarding desk too.

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