Boarding not started sign

hey guys look at these screenshots.

deboarding and boarding have not started and the plane was supposed to leave at 7 am

the check in desk also says no flight scheduled even though there is a flight at the stand.
this happens to all my medium stands and planes and because of this look what happened…

so i pretty much have to dismiss all my flights from my 18 medium stands.
this does not happen to my small flights and stands.

so many flights got delayed.
can someone help me

Can we get a screenshot of the whole airport?
Have you tried reloading the save file?

here are the screenshots and yes i have tried reloading the game several times

and this flight was supposed to leave the previous day but it has the same problemBoarding not started and deboarding in progress.

Process of elimination. Do you have enough ramp agents, airport staff, service trucks. Are the stands connected to the correct baggage bays. Are your boarding desks connected correctly.

yes all of those things are okay and my small stands seem to work perfectly fine so i think there is a problem with all my medium stands.

So fuelling is OK. It is deboarding and boarding. I would suggest follow the route from the check in desks to the security stations then make sure the route to the gates is secure the whole way and also check that the secure zone exits are in the right place so that there is a proper route through. Does it show people have checked in for the flights?

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