Boarding - medium vs. large

At my airport I have issues (or at least room for optimization) about medium flight’s boarding time.

In compareable designs and environment, my large stands start boarding so early, that boarding often is finished before turnaround services are completed and large flighst often can leave 1h-1,5h earlier as planned - if everything works fine. Regularly I estimate they leave 30-60mins over-punctual. Even if PSAs arriving late at boarding desk (happens a lot!), I nearly never, have delays on my large flights.

On the other hand, more then 60% of my medium flights are… let’s say “just-in-time”, leaving stand max. 15mins earlier but regularly 0 to 10 mins late, often up to 30mins late. Sometime because of turnaround services, but mostly because of boarding is still ongoing. Of course there are some, leaving 30mins before departure time, but there are way more flights, leaving with up to 30mins delay.
Seems not to be related to number of boarding desk, as I can not see a big difference, if I have 2 or three boarding desks at medium stands, all in all.

As reasons for this imo are complex, starting by turnaround-service-vehicle stuck in traffic, pax walking around far away, strange plane-paths, ore PSAs manning boarding desk too late, the best solution would be, to change trigger for “start boarding” for medium flights for about 15-30min, or so.

Or am I the only one, observing this?

I was also having trouble with medium flights being on time due to boarding, although I run at 100% pax setting so thought maybe it was that. But I wasn’t absolutely sure and my airport had a number of ‘less than ideal’ flaws, so I scrapped it, started new and just now building my medium flights concourse. If I notice it again I’ll chime back in on this thread.

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Yeah I have the same. Large flights most often not a problem en sometimes way before scheduled take off in the air. Medium flights are often late up to like 30 min. Boarding seems to be slowish, turnaround services always done in time.

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