Boarding desk on a different floor auto-assigned to flight

I have a bunch of remote bus bays directly underground of a jetway and jetway-less parking stands; and the boarding desks underground are getting auto-assigned to the gate above (or even 2 floors above).

This is a safety feature that prevents more issues than it causes, simply disconnect those boarding desks that we auto assigned and go about the design you want instead! :slight_smile:

Can we disconnect now when flights are scheduled?

One I’ve accidentally assigned a boarding desk to the wrong gate which had flights assigned by auto scheduler for more than 10 days in advance. I was not able to unassign it for many ingame days.

AFAIK if you close the gate or delete it all connected flights will be deleted, that will obviously only work when there is no plane occupying the stand. It will also heavily affect the relationship with the airline. Other option is to switch the auto planner off, re-plan all the flights from that stand and connect it to the correct boarding desk. But in between flights when no flight is booked you should be able to switch the boarding desk, right? Just wait for the plane to leave and if there is no plane booked directly hit pause and re-connect the desk. Or do you have zero time between flights in the auto planner?

Will check that. But there should be an easier way. Like as long as one desk stays assigned we can unassign other desks at any time.

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