Boarding Desk automatic connects to stands

I just noticed that when I built a boarding desk near a (large) stand, it automatically connects to this stand.

Even if I don’t want that and the stand already had two(!) desks connected. (The new desk was planned for a remote stand.)
It might look as a nice feature, but considered how hard it is to disconnect a desk from a stand, I’d rather have no autoconnect or at least the possibility to turn it off.

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Yes, been a victim of this as well.

Yeah. It should be possible to disconnect additional desks without un/rescheduling flights Only the last standing desk should require that.


I have this for check-in desks. I want to be able to close and unassign a check-in desk. The system should then search for a check-in desk that’s indeed open. Every now and then I try to make my airport run more smooth but it’s a big hassle to close check-in-desks because of the tight schedule.

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For boarding desks I’d also like to be able to disconnect them as long as at least one is still connected and no boarding currently in progress.

For check-in desks it might be more difficult because most of the time future flights are already scheduled. Maybe an option “flag for closure” would be good which disables new assignments, then you’d just have to wait until check-in for the already scheduled flights is finished.


How about closing a desk attempts to move the task to suitable desk and refuses only if there is no other desk both for checkin as boarding.

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